The tradition of hanging greens around one’s house during the Christmas season is an ancient one. Many countries believed that evergreens would keep away bad people and bad luck. Germany has been credited with celebrating the tradition as we know it today. The tradition of displaying a Christmas Tree was first brought to England by Prince Albert, husband to Queen Elizabeth, who himself was German. That first tree displayed in the Palace was a smaller, tabletop tree. The image of this tree appeared in the newspapers at the time. As the Queen and her Prince were very popular in their time, the idea caught on and the practice exploded across the UK and, eventually, to the United States.

Great foods have also been brought to us from Germany. Sausages, kraut and potato salad are typical of the foods we have embraced as popular “eats” throughout the year. Quaker Valley Foods can provide you with these foods and so much more. Get in touch with us today to see all we have to offer. And have a wonderful holiday season!