King Crab Legs are normally packed in a 20 LB box. Some packers will pack a 10 LB box if they have the ability to do so and are all fully cooked.

King Crab Legs come either Red or Gold (Brown). Either type is exceptionally good, but the Reds are more popular because of their Brighter shell appearance. The Gold crab shell tends to be a little paler in color which doesn’t make it as desirable. But the Gold crab is caught deeper, so the meat tastes sweeter.

King Crab Legs are the actual Leg and not the Cluster as the above items we just spoke about. But some Packer/Processors at certain times of the year may offer a King Crab Cluster but it’s not common.

The King Crab Legs are sized a specific way, so they won’t be confused with the above items.

King Crab Legs are graded as count per 10 LBS. They normally pack legs & claws in the box. For every 10 LBS they will add one feeder (Pincer) claw and one crusher claw. But only the Legs make up the count and not the claws. So, in a 20 LB box you will have two of each feeder claws and crusher claws. To achieve the full net weight in the case, they add 10% broken crab, which is allowable by law.

King Crab Leg sizing:

4/7ct-this means 4/7 legs including claws per 10 LBS

Question: Can King Crabs Swim?
Nope, it moves on the ocean floor using its long legs.

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