Monday, October 19th, was National Seafood Bisque Day. Even though it was a couple of days ago, we like to celebrate bisque at anytime of the year. Although bisque is always a popular favorite, autumn is perhaps the best time to enjoy a creamy bowl of deliciousness.

What is bisque? Bisque is a thick, rich soup made with cream and, oftentimes, with a touch of sherry. It is a highly seasoned soup with its origin In France.

Bisque is a bit different than chowder, which is a thinner soup not made with cream or sherry, but with pork fat back. Bisque is also considered to be a bit more “elegant” than traditional chowders.

The most popular types of seafood bisque are Crab Bisque, Lobster Bisque, and Shrimp Bisque.

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