Some people love it, some people hate it, but most people have, at some point in their lives, at least tried fruit cake. And, believe it or not, today is National Fruit Cake Day! The origins of fruit cake can be traced back to ancient Rome. What can’t? The earliest recipes for this “delicacy” listed pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and raisins as ingredients to be mixed into a barley mash. Probably sometime in the Middle Ages, preserved fruits, honey and a variety of spices were added to the mixture. Starting in the 16th century, sugar from the American colonies began to be added when it was discovered that high concentrations of sugar preserved fruits, thus creating an excess of candied fruit that made the manufacture of fruit cake cheaper. And more popular.

Never considered a main course, fruit cake is the perfect complement to chicken, fish, turkey, lamb, seafood and beef. Quaker Valley Foods is here to provide you with all the main course dishes you could ever want. And if fruit cake is not something you sweet lovers want to celebrate today, then wait until tomorrow, for National Chocolate Candy Day.

From all of us at Quaker Valley Foods, have a safe and Happy New Year celebration!