It’s National Frozen Food Day!  Freezing food is a great way to keep leftovers without having them go bad.  The frozen food industry was born about 70 years ago, but its historic roots go back much further.  It is said that back in 1000 B.C. the Chinese used frozen ice cellars to preserve food for long periods of time.  About 70 years ago, TV dinners came to the forefront of the frozen food industry.  The convenience of feeding a family by just opening a box and putting its contents in the oven became a huge draw for parents trying to feed their family.  Today, some grocery stores have massive aisles strictly for frozen food.  There are meals more freezer-friendly than others.  Here are some meals you can freeze and enjoy multiple times!

Chili:  This a great meal to freeze!  Make as much as you want for multiple nights of enjoyment!


Red Sauce:  Otherwise known as “Sunday Sauce,” this recipe will feed your family far beyond Sunday!  Just place it in the freezer and it tastes good as new every time!

Red Sauce

Meatballs: Need something to go along with that red sauce on a Sunday evening?  Look no further than these meatballs.  Once you shape the meat, stick the ones you are not cooking in the freezer to make it easier next Sunday!


Quaker Valley Foods is a great source for the ingredients to these tasty and convenient meals.  We offer a variety of delicious Beef and Chicken products that will make these frozen meals great!  To learn more, reach out to your Quaker Valley Food’s Sales Representative. Or check out our website where a full listing of all our products can be found under “What we Sell.”