May is National Burger Month!  Conveniently, it is also the unofficial beginning of the grilling season, which has been a long time coming.  The beginning of burger culture in America has many different claims to invention.  The most popular claim is that in 1900, Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant created the first hamburger at his lunch restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut.  The first time the burger went national was when White Castle made it a household name in 1920.  Burgers then became the foundation of fast food restaurants.  Just look at McDonald’s (Big Mac) or Burger King’s (Whopper).  These are always the first option on the menu because of their popularity and variation.

There are so many different variations of the hamburger.  The most popular variations include cheese and bacon toppings.  Bacon brings a savory taste to any burger, especially with any type of cheese you please.  Also, ketchup isn’t the only spread put on burgers now.  Guacamole or Avocado is very popular for a Tex-Mex themed burger.  Barbeque sauce is also a popular choice to add some sweet taste to your sandwich.

Need some more ideas for your burgers?  Here are some recipes you can try, one for every week of National Burger Month!

Week 1:  Chef John’s Juicy Lucy:  Let’s start with the classic with a little twist.  Spoiler alert:  The cheese is in the burger!

Juicy Lucy

Week 2:  Almost White Castle Burgers:  Make your barbeque guests nostalgic with this American treasure.

White Castle Burger

Week 3: Tex-Mex Burger:  This Louisiana style delight is sure to bring some extra flair to the grill!

Tex-Mex Burger

Week 4:  Blue Cheese Burger:  End Burger Month with this tasty variation!

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