April is a thrilling time.  The weather is getting warmer, baseball season is starting, and the Final Four is finally here!  No, the tournament is not over because Duke is out, it will continue as planned with Michigan State, Texas Tech, Virginia, and Auburn playing the final 3 games of the college basketball season at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It has been a thrilling tournament so far, with the Elite 8 being four of the most thrilling games of the whole season.  In a tournament with so few upsets, these four teams are not the typical teams that make it this far.  For Texas Tech and Auburn, this is their first Final Four appearance.  Virginia is there for the first time since 1984, and Michigan State is there for the first time since 2015.  The Final Four is a great time to throw a great watch party!  Here are some recipes for your guests to enjoy while watching some thrilling basketball!

Mini Philly Cheese Steaks:  A Philadelphia classic with a little twist!  This finger food will be tough for your guests to stay away from!

Mini Cheese steak

Boneless Buffalo Wings:  Boneless wings are a great way to avoid the mess while eating wings and will also avoid the mess when you have to clean after the party!

Boneless Wings

Bacon Wrap Barbeque Shrimp:  I think the name of this great recipe does all of the explaining….


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