Welcome to Quaker Valley Foods’ specials for the week of January 3rd – 6th. If you’re looking to stock up on some high-quality items, now is the time to do it.

First up, we have frozen chicken wings. Perfect for game day snacking or for a quick dinner solution. You can choose from whole wings for $.549 per pound or party wings for $.699 per pound.

Next, we have Frozen Circle T Beef Back Ribs. These ribs are perfect for the grill or for a slow cook in the oven. At just $.999 per pound, they’re a great value and will make any meal a hit.

We also have Smithfield Frozen Boneless Center Cut Pork Loins. These loins are perfect for roasting or slicing into pork chops. They’re a great addition to any meal and are on sale for $1.599 per pound.

In addition to our chicken, beef, and pork specials, we also have a selection of imported, seafood, and turkey options.

First, there’s  Lamb Shoulders from Australia. These lamb shoulders are a great choice for a special occasion meal or for a Sunday roast. On sale for $2.859 per pound.

We also have pan ready Leardini 16/32 Croakers. These croakers are a great choice for a quick and easy meal. Simply toss them in a pan and cook to perfection. They’re on sale for $2.399 per pound.

Finally, we have Honeysuckle White 3/8 pound Turkey Breast complete with timer and gravy. This turkey breast comes with a timer, so you know when it’s perfectly cooked, and it comes with gravy for an easy and delicious meal. On sale for $1.899 per pound.

We also have a selection of deli provision specials this week.

First, we have Bar S Hot Dogs. Choose from meat hot dogs for $1.199 per pound or all-beef hot dogs for $3.099 per pound.

We also have Alpine Lace Swiss Cheese for $5.299 per pound, Godshall’s Turkey Bacon in sliced or full slab form for $4.199 per pound, OnCor Chicken retail bags of Nibblers, Patties, or Strips for $40.99 per case, Olymel Imported Ham for $2.999 per pound, Clearfield American White Cheese for $3.259 per pound, Admiration Soya Oil for $39.95 per case, and Admiration Mayonnaise for $44.95 per case.

Finally, we have Murry’s French Toast Sticks in original or cinnamon flavors for $20.85 per case.

Check out this deals and more in this week’s ad, then Contact a Quaker Valley Foods Sales Specialist (215-992-0900) and place your order today