Earlier this week, on Monday December 6th, to be precise, it was “National Cook for Christmas Day”. This is about close as we could get to finding a day this week that has something to do with the foods we sell. Other days this week celebrate Cotton Candy, Ferry Floss, Brownies (today’s celebration), Pastry, and Lager. We sell none of those items; however, we do sell a wide variety of items that are perfectly suited for your Christmas table.

The Christmas meal, though traditionally eaten on Christmas Day, can also be eaten at anytime during Christmastide. Christmastide (also known as Christmastime) typically takes place from the evening of December 24th until sundown on January 5th (the eve of the Epiphany, the 12th and final day of Christmas).

What is served during the Christmas meal varies greatly, depending on what part of the world you are in.

In India, for example, a rice meal that is most often served with chicken or mutton, is a popular main course.

Thanks to a successful marketing campaign, eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day has become a very popular tradition in Japan.

In Lebanon, turkey is a popular favorite, as well as roasted duck.

In the Philippines, where the Christmas meal is called Noche Buena as it is usually eaten at close to midnight, a cured leg of pork, known as Jamón, is at the center of their feast.

In Austria, goose, or ham, served with mulled wine, are traditional favorites.

In the Czech Republic, fried carp is served with potato salad.

The most popular meals in Denmark include (in order of most to least favorite) duck, roast pork, turkey, and goose.

In Finland, a traditional smorgasbord is served with a large Christmas ham at the center of the table.

German households enjoy roast goose and roast carp, but duck and a suckling pig are also popular favorites.

Fisherman’s soup, usually made with carp, is a meal that is served most often in Hungary.

The Icelandic people enjoy gammon steak and smoked lamb.

In Ireland, the Christmas meal is typically produced on Christmas Eve and is normally roast turkey, along with other poultry to include goose, chicken, duck, capon, or pheasant.

In Italy, the traditions vary depending on if you are in the north or in the south. What does not vary is the fact that the meal is traditionally served on Christmas Eve, ahead of Midnight Mass. In Northern Italy, poultry is favored. In Southern Italy, roast lamb, or fish.

In the United Kingdom, a typical Christmas meal features roasted turkey with chestnut stuffing.

The countries listed above are just a small sample of the foods eaten at Christmastime throughout the world. Below are just a few suggestions for Christmas meals you can prepare for your family and friends at home. Just click on any of the images to be taken to their recipe. Once you have made your selection, get in touch with your Quaker Valley Foods Sales Specialist to get price and availability for any of the protein products you will need.


Perfect Prime Rib (delish.com) Photo Credit: Parker Feierbach


Beef Tenderloin (delish.com) Photo Credit: Ethan Calabrese


Best-Ever Spiral Ham (delish.com) Photo Credit: Parker Feierbach


Perfect Roast Lamb (delish.com) Photo Credit: Ethan Calabrese

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