Thursday, March 19th, is National Poultry Day. It is believed that National Poultry Day has its origins in the small town of Versailles, Ohio, in 1951. Poultry Day started out as a one-day event that saw a significantly increased attendance until 1962 when it became a two-day event.

Poultry, by definition, are domesticated animals that are consumed by humans and that lay eggs. Most popularly consumed forms of poultry include chicken, turkey, goose, duck and, of course, eggs.

It is estimated that the domestication of poultry was believed to have begun sometime around 8,000 BC. The first mention of goose, duck and turkey in agricultural books was about 1,200 years ago. It wasn’t until about 80 years ago, at the start of the Second World War, that the popularity of chicken skyrocketed due to shortages of the more popularly consumed beef and pork.

Each year there are more than 50 billion birds raised for egg and poultry consumption.

At Quaker Valley Foods, we are offer fresh and frozen whole chickens, bone-in and boneless breasts, bone-in and boneless thighs, wings, party wings, legs and a variety of chicken parts. We also offer turkey and turkey parts, ducks in a variety of sizes, quail and Cornish game hens, as well as halal chickens and turkeys.

Below, look at some delicious recipes for some of the poultry products we carry. Click on any of the images to be directed to the recipe for what’s pictured. Give your sales rep a call to get more details on pricing and current availability.

Tangy Braised Balsamic Chicken (


Homestyle Turkey, the Michigander Way (


Roasted Duck (