April 15th has been designated National Ham Day. It has also been given a more specific designation of National Glazed Spiral Ham Day.

Glazed spiral ham was the invention of a Detroit, Michigan entrepreneur by the name of Harry J. Hoenslaar. In 1952, Hoenslaar patented not only a spiral slicer, but the honey ham glaze as well. The popularity of this novel way to prepare ham grew to allow Hoenselaar to create the Honey Baked Ham Company in 1957.

As the patent for Honey Baked Ham expired in 1981, many companies are now producing this delicious meal. The recipe for the honey glaze is relatively simple, containing sugar and honey, or sugar and orange juice, with additional spices added.

Quaker Valley Foods provides a wide variety of foods to include a large selection of hams. Look below at recipes from the Honey Baked Ham Company. Simply click on any of the images to take you directly to their website for the specific recipe you have selected. Then get in touch with your Quaker Valley Foods sales representative today.

Honey Ham, Bean and Greens Stew (www.honeybaked.com)


Honey Baked Ham and Gruyere French Toast (www.honeybaked.com)


Honey Baked Ham Croque Monsieur (www.honeybaked.com)