October is National Pork month! Traditionally, the beginning of fall is the time of year when pigs are brought to market. As a result, October has been dedicated as national pork month to show thanks to pork producers for all their hard work. Pork is the most consumed meat globally, and pork producers play a vital role in maintaining the world’s demand for pork. A typical market hog can generate up to 370 servings of pork. This means one hog can provide over 100 families with delicious meals. The increasing demand for pork has led pork producers to grow and enhance their production methods to higher levels. Today, we are producing and consuming more pork globally than ever before. To celebrate this national month, cook up your favorite pork recipes to enjoy! If you do not have a favorite pork dish, check out All Recipes for some great pork recipes!

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National Pork Month Dish

Photo From: Serious Eats