May is National Barbecue Month! Even more specifically, Saturday, May 16th, is National Barbecue Day. In 1963, the National Barbecue Council founded National Barbecue Month to promote cooking outdoors.

The term barbecue is unique in that it is one word with a variety of meanings. A barbecue may reference the grill on which the food is cooked. It might reference the event at which food is prepared over an open grill. Barbecue might reference the food that is cooked over the open grill.  Barbecue might also reference any sauce used to add flavor to any item as it is being cooked over an open grill. Barbecue can be spelled with a “q” as in barbeque. It is often abbreviated as BBQ.

The word barbecue has Spanish roots, derived from the word barbacoa and first found in print in 1526 in a Spanish Language Dictionary. An original form of barbecuing was accomplished by digging a hole in the ground and placing a large pot in the ground to catch the juices of the barbecued meat placed on sticks above the pot, then covered with burning charcoal and leaves.

Today, at least in the United States, a barbecue is handled much differently. Although some people might prefer preparing using the old method and exertion that goes into digging a hole in the ground, most prefer using a grill purchased at a local store. The grill typically is a gas burning, or charcoal burning, or wood burning fixture to cleanly cook pork, beef, chicken, or a sundry of seafood items to include fish, scallops, or shrimp.

Quaker Valley Foods provides any type of food you need for a delicious barbecue event. We offer pork, beef, chicken, fish, scallops, shrimp and so much more. Give your Quaker sales rep a call today to place your order once you have checked pricing and availability. Look at the images below for some ideas for delicious barbecue recipes.

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Marinated Grilled Shrimp (


Whiskey Grilled Baby Back Ribs (