The month of January is National Soup Month! It is nearing the end of January, but the cold weather is far from gone. Nothing takes away the chill and warms you up like a nice bowl of soup or stew. From a warm bowl of chicken soup, to meaty chili and hearty beef stew, all these dishes will help you warm up even in the chilliest weather. Since we are cooped up inside during the entire month of January and February, this gives us an excuse to try out some delicious cozy soup and stew recipes.

Soups and stews can be made with lots of different ingredients like meat, poultry, fish and vegetables! Quaker Valley Foods carries a variety of meats, poultry and fish to help you make delicious soups and stews. Quaker Valley carries great quality ground beef and ground turkey to make delicious chili! If you want a hearty beef stew, Quaker carries beef shank, boneless chuck, and shoulder roast for all your beef stew needs. Don’t forget classic chicken soup! Quaker carries a variety of poultry parts and whole chickens. Celebrate the month of January by making one or all of these delicious recipes below to stay warm this winter!

Chicken Soup

Beef Stew