January is National Slow Cooking Month. Using a slow cooker can really save you time, while you cook a delicious meal as you are doing other daily tasks. Slow cookers are very popular and nearly every modern-day family owns one. The possibilities with a slow cooker are endless and the convenience is great. The slow cooker makes it possible to cook a variety of foods at a low temperature, filling the need of every meal. A slow cooker meal can be prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Some popular meals to cook in a slow cooker are meats and poultry like chicken, chuck roast, short ribs, and pork shoulder. There are many possibilities when it comes to a meal prepared in the slow cooker. Quaker Valley Foods carries a variety of poultry and meats that would go great in a slow cooker, including chicken, pork and beef. So, take advantage of this cold weather and enjoy Slow Cooker Month this January with these delicious comfort food recipes.

Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef