October is National Seafood Month! Seafood is consumed all over the world using thousands of different recipes. People have been feasting on seafood long before written history. The first accounts of humans eating seafood were actually observed in ancient cave drawings. In those days, people used spears and stones to catch their seafood. Today, there are hundreds of different fishing techniques practiced all around the world. Some of the best seafood recipes can be found on allrecipes. If you are in need of some seafood items, Quaker Valley Foods can help. Quaker Valley is a Philadelphia Seafood Distributor offering dozens of different items to a wide variety of customers up and down the east coast. We will ensure you celebrate this national holiday the right way!

To learn more, reach out to your Quaker Valley Food’s Sales Representative. Or check out our website where a full listing of all our seafood products can be found under ‘What We Sell’.

Seafood Quaker Valley Foods

Photo from: Taste.com