October is National Seafood Month! People all over the world enjoy many varieties of seafood. Some varieties of seafood can be smoked, dipped in butter or in cocktail sauce, seasoned with herbs, grilled, or fried; the possibilities are endless.

Fish and shellfish have been eaten by humans long before written history. Today, people prepare and eat seafood using hundreds of recipes.

Most of the fish that we eat in the States comes from other parts of the world like China, India and Ecuador.

So, why celebrate seafood? There are many benefits to eating fish. The vitamins and nutrients they contain benefit our skin, hair, and are even good for the brain. The recommended amount of fish to eat is two to three times a week.

There are a few fun ways you can celebrate National Seafood Month. Try making a new recipe, try a new seafood restaurant, or learn some facts about your favorite fish! Quaker Valley Foods carries a great variety of fish to accommodate any recipe. Some of our popular seafood items are shrimp, tilapia and salmon. Head on over to our Q Deals page to check out our current seafood special on our Cleaned Blue Claw Crabs! Click on any of the images below to discover some great seafood recipes you can enjoy this month, or almost any month of the year!

Oven Baked Tilapia


Easy Garlic Shrimp


Garlic Butter-Baked Salmon