This Friday, November 9th, is National Scrapple Day! Scrapple is one of the first pork food products invented in America. It is traditionally a combination of pork trimmings, cornmeal, wheat, flour, and spices. Scrapple is rooted from a German dish called ‘panhas’, which was adjusted to make use of the local ingredients that were abundantly available. It wasn’t until the 18th century when Dutch colonists, who settled near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, created the scrapple recipe we are familiar with today. The Dutch settling so close to Philadelphia lead to a strong scrapple presence that spread to surrounding areas including Baltimore, Washington D.C., and New Jersey. Scrapple is commonly consumed today as a traditional breakfast item that pairs well with eggs, ketchup and even jam. To make sure you are ready for Friday, visit Quaker Valley Foods’ website and order your scrapple today! Some of the best scrapple recipes can be found at Quaker Valley Foods is a food distributor located in heart of scrapple country, Philadelphia!

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National Scrapple Day Quaker Valley Foods

Photo From: Vermont Country Store