We’re celebrating National Sandwich Day this week. National Sandwich Day is traditionally observed on November 3rd, for reasons unknown. Sandwiches are an American favorite when it comes to lunch. In the United States, we have some delicious sandwich creations like BLT, Club, and Peanut Butter and Jelly, just to name a few. The sandwich is believed to have been popularized by the Earl of Sandwich, who was a prolific gambler. The Earl was known to have gambled for 24 straight hours and needed a quick meal that would not disrupt his play. He ordered his chef to place slices of meat between two slices of bread. Once this popular meal caught on, the English world named the treat after the Earl. Or at least after his title.

There is nothing like slices of deli meat, paired with cheese, between two slices of bread, as well as delicious toppings that can be included in a sandwich. Celebrate National Sandwich Day this week by making any type of sandwich imaginable. The possibilities are endless. Check out some recipes below to make a delicious sandwich. Just click on an image.

Quaker Valley Foods carries a variety of deli meats and cheeses to help you make the tastiest sandwich. Some deli meats and cheeses include smoked and oven roasted turkey breast, corned beef, pastrami, and deli ham. We also offer some delicious cheeses like American, provolone, Swiss, and cheddar. Additionally, Quaker Valley sells plenty of toppings, including mayonnaise, sweet and hot peppers, and pickles. Give your sales rep a call today!

Turkey Sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich