National Rotisserie Chicken Day is held on June 2nd every year. One can find rotisserie chicken in places such as delis, grocery stores, and restaurants. Because of its convenience in size, it is very common for people to purchase rotisserie chicken when they do not want to cook. Cooking the chicken on a rotisserie means that the chicken is continuously turning over the heat source and spinning just slow enough for it to roast to perfection, becoming very tender and juicy. Usually, there are some leftovers, which is the best part of buying rotisserie chicken! With the leftovers one can make many different dishes to switch up the flavor. Some popular meals prepared with leftover rotisserie chicken are soups and broths, salads, wraps, sandwiches, pot pies, tacos, and more. For recipes, click on this link. To honor this year’s National Rotisserie Chicken Day, visit our What We Sell page to look at our catalog and see what we have to offer!

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