Today is National Pickle Day! The term pickle comes from the Dutch word ‘pekel’, which means brine. In the United States, pickle most commonly refers to a pickled cucumber. Although the cucumber is the most popular, it is far from being the only item to be pickled. Some other popular foods people enjoy to pickle include sauerkraut, tomatoes, onions, peppers and many more. The pickle is loved by many in the United States. In fact, it is so popular that over 5.2 million pounds of pickles are consumed yearly! One reason we may love pickles so much can be because of their great variety of flavors. Popular pickle flavors include Dill, Gherkin, Cornichon, Brined, Kosher Dill, Polish, Hungarian, Lime, Bread and Butter, Swedish and Danish, and even Kool-Aid Pickle! Pickles not only have a low calorie count, but are also a great source of vitamin K. A fun fact about pickles is that Julius Caesar fed them to his troops believing that they lent physical and spiritual strength. Today, pickles are commonly served on burgers and used as side dishes. Pickles are also rapidly growing in popularity and are even a staple item served at festivals, fairs, and carnivals. At these events, pickles are commonly served on a stick or even deep fried!

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National Pickle Day

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