This Thursday (November 14th) is National Pickle Day! The pickle originated in 2030 B.C. in India, where cucumbers were placed in brine (water with a high concentration of salt.) The term pickle was eventually created by the Dutch as pekel, which means brine. Today the brining process includes salt and vinegar; other spices can be added as well. Although any fruit or vegetable can be pickled, a pickle is usually referred to as a pickled cucumber. There are lots of varieties when it comes to pickles. Pickles can be spicy, tart or sweet, depending on the seasoning used. Each year the U.S eats over 5,000,000 pounds of pickles! This just shows how much the pickle is loved!

There are many ways National Pickle Day can be observed. Pickles are fun to eat as a snack, or in a sandwich! It is a great addition to any meal and brings lots of flavor, as well as a nice crunch. The dill pickle is the most popular pickle eaten in the United Sates, and Quaker Valley Foods carries KZ and Main Street dill pickles that are delicious! In honor of National Pickle Day, below are some delicious and fun pickle recipes to enjoy! Click on the picture to find out how to make the meal shown.

Pickle Grilled Cheese

Canned Pickles