This Saturday is National Jamaican Patty Day! This day is celebrated the first Saturday of August annually. The Jamaican Patty originated in the Caribbean in the mid-1900s. This flaky crusted dish is often filled with seasoned ground beef, chicken, seafood, or vegetables. It quickly became a staple snack among Jamaicans for its outstanding flavors and quick “grab-n-go” convenience. The Jamaican patty is also seen as a full meal when paired with coco-bread. This is a typical lunch choice for many at school or at work. Other versions of the Jamaican Patty are empanadas, empanadillas, and pastelillo. It was even said to be born from the English Cornish Pasty.

To honor this day, make sure your customers have plenty of Jamaican Patties to celebrate this national holiday! To find out more, visit our What We Sell page and take a look at our online catalog.

Quaker Valley Jamaican Patties

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