National Buffet Day is January 2nd. It recognizes one of the popular ways Americans prefer to dine. A buffet lets people view the different foods that are available, as well as lets people serve themselves. The buffet originated during the middle of the 16th century, peaked during the early 18th century, and then developed into the more modern buffet around the 19th century. Originally, it was called the smorgasbord table where guests gathered before dinner for a pre-dinner drink; it was separate from the official dinner that followed.

Today, buffets consist of many delicious food options where people have the choice of trying a variety of foods in one sitting. A buffet is great, especially if you don’t like making menu decisions and want to try a little bit of everything. You can create your own buffet or go out and enjoy one at a restaurant. Whichever option you choose, don’t forget that Quaker Valley Foods has a variety of meats, seafood and deli items that would make any buffet wonderful and delicious. Below are some recipes that would make a great option to have at a buffet!

Slow Roast Beef

Jerk Spiced Duck