This Saturday, the world celebrates National French Fry Day, honoring a food that is consumed greatly in the U.S and around the rest of the world.  But where does the term “French” fry come from?  Many people don’t realize that the term French fries doesn’t necessarily derive its name from France.  It’s commonly believed that French fries originated in Belgium, where American soldiers gave the name of “French” fries to the potatoes there because of the prevalent French language in the southern part of that country.  Americans depend on French fries year-round.  In fact, the average American consumes as many as 29 pounds of French fries in a year.  That’s a lot of French fries!

So what makes this simple dish so good that we are willing to eat so much of it?  It’s the variety! French fries are offered in many ways, ranging from a fatty potato wedge (which is on the softer side) to curly fries, and shoestring fries!  If you’re a crunchy kind of consumer, then waffle fries may be calling your name!  And if you enjoy sweet potatoes, then sweet potato fries are also available now more than ever!  With a consumer worldwide market that enjoys variety and availability, French fries are the perfect choice!

You may not realize it, but Quaker Valley Foods offers French fries!  Whether it’s for an event or for your own convenience, Quaker has just what you’re looking for.  Check out our website for a wide variety of French fries, along with many other products we offer as a perfect complement to this delicious treat.  Just click on an image below and you will be prompted to recipes offering great French fries ideas!  Remember, keep your friends close and your fries closer!

Check out these Crunchy Shoestring Fries

Delicious Sweet Potato Fries!