Yesterday was National Poultry Day!  Poultry includes any domestic fowl such as chicken, turkey, duck, and geese.  As a food distributor in Philadelphia, poultry is something that comes in and out of our doors very frequently.    Poultry is mainly known for wings while watching a football game, or for cooking that Thanksgiving Day feast, but here are some other recipes where you can get the most out of your poultry purchase.


Slow Cooker Chicken Barbeque:  Use your slow cooker for this savory shredded chicken sandwich that can serve your entire dinner party!


Restaurant Style Buffalo Chicken Wings:  Looking for some food to make for watching college basketball all weekend?  Look no further than these great chicken wings!

Buffalo Wings

Rosemary Roasted Turkey: This recipe makes your turkey moist and full of flavor!

Roasted Turkey

Sous Vide Duck Breast:  Here is a great recipe for you to break from the normal chicken and turkey on this national poultry day!


Quaker Valley Foods is a great source for the ingredients to these tasty and convenient poultry meals.  We offer a variety of delicious chicken, turkey, and duck products that will make these meals really stand out!  To learn more, reach out to your Quaker Valley Food’s Sales Representative. Or check out our website where a full listing of all our products can be found under “What we Sell.”