Throughout the last couple of years, students from area universities have participated in their college-sponsored internships with us. These internships have proven to be both a valuable learning experience for the student, as well as a valuable learning experience for Quaker Valley Foods. Not only do our intern mentors share their years of experience with each student, but each student is a valuable source of information for each mentor as they demonstrate the latest knowledge they’ve picked up in the classroom. Presently, we have three interns, all from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Ana Andreu is our Marketing Intern. Joe Bates is our Operations Intern. And Joe Feeney is our Intern working in Finance. Toward the end of their time with us, Marketing Interns are challenged with delivering a Power Point presentation to our C-Level Executives. This presentation is a summary of their accomplishments, and the accomplishments of the Marketing Department overall, during their time here.   We hope the experience each intern has had with us propels them into a remarkable career in Food Marketing. Based upon the students that became an integral part of our success, we feel confident that each will make a significant impact in their chosen careers.

Colton VonMol Quaker Valley Foods Intern  Tori Dunn Quaker Valley Foods Intern    Audra Musumeci Quaker Valley Foods Intern

Ana Andreu Quaker Valley Foods InternJoseph Bates Quaker Valley Foods Intern  Joseph Feeney Quaker Valley Foods Intern