As the Hanukkah season continues, be prepared to make some delicious Hanukkah dishes! This is the season of celebration, family and food. Some of our favorite Hanukkah dishes include:

All-Day Brisket with Potatoes.

This perfect combination of fresh brisket and potatoes will be sure to please everyone during the Holidays!

Hanukkah Meal 1 QVF

Easy Glazed Salmon

This healthy seafood dish is truly a delightful alternative to a meat based entre!

Salmon Hanukkah Meal 2

Roasted Chicken

Chicken is always an easy and delicious go-to item that will win over any crowd!

Roasted Chicken for Hanukkah

Brisket for Brunch

What’s better than having a nice juicy brisket for lunch? With this recipe, you will guarantee a great start to your afternoon!

Brisket for Brunch Hanukkah meal 4

All these recipes and many more can be found at! Quaker Valley Foods is a great source for all your holiday meal needs. We offer a variety of delicious beef, halal, and seafood products that will be sure to win over the holidays! To learn more, reach out to your Quaker Valley Food’s Sales Representative. Or check out our website where a full listing of all our products can be found under ‘What We Sell’.


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