Ramadan is an annual religious rite of Muslim fasting, prayer and reflection that occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and begins on the first night of a crescent moon. Ramadan is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts for 29 to 30 days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next. This year, Ramadan began on the evening of April 23rd in the United States. It will end on May 23rd.

Muslims believe that scripture was revealed during the month of Ramadan to include the scrolls of Abraham, the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospels and the Quran.

Fasting for all adult Muslims is mandatory from sunrise to sunset on each day of Ramadan. The pre-dawn meal is referred to as suhar. The feast that takes place just after sunset is known as iftar. Although fasting is considered a noble deed, it is believed that the rewards for fasting during Ramadan are multiplied.

Below are some recipe ideas for after the sun sets. Simply click on an image to access the recipe for the meal pictured. Get in touch with your Quaker Valley sales representative today and ask about the many halal items we offer, along with pricing and availability. Ramadan Mubarak!

Lamb Tagine          Photo by: Montana


Duck Fesenjan (www.allrecipes.com)


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