Easter is the single most important holiday on the Christian Calendar. Christians believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on this day, thus establishing him as the true Son of God. It is the eighth and final day of Holy Week, which begins on Palm Sunday (Jesus’ celebrated entry into Jerusalem), continues through Holy (Maundy) Thursday (Jesus’ Last Supper), Good Friday (Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent death) and Holy (Silent) Saturday. Since Christians believe that Jesus’ miraculous resurrection established him as the Son of God, most believe that Easter is considered the birthday of Christianity.

Since Holy Thursday commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper as having been a seder feast celebrating Passover, early Jewish Christians set the tradition of celebrating Easter each year near the time Jews typically celebrate Passover.

Western Christianity uses the Gregorian calendar when determining exactly what Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th Easter is celebrated each year, setting it within seven days after the astronomical moon.

Eastern Christianity uses the Julian calendar to determine what Sunday in the 21st century between April 4th and May 8th Easter is celebrated each year.

No matter when Easter is celebrated throughout the world, Easter dinner is traditionally time for great feasting and family gathering. Although virtually any meal is acceptable at the Easter dinner table, ham and lamb are favorites.

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Baked Ham with Honey-Chipotle Glaze (tasteofhome.com)


Roast Leg of Lamb (delish.com: photo credit Ethan Calabrese)