Quaker Valley Foods has been importing and distributing whiting for more than 30 years! Quaker carries both Foodservice whiting and Retail ready bags and boxes. Whiting is a mild flakey fish and is great fried, baked or pan fried. Whiting are related to Cod and Pollock, so any recipe you have for Cod will work great for whiting too! It is a nutritious fish that is very flexible to use. https://www.webmd.com/diet/what-health-benefits-whiting

Foodservice Whiting primarily comes from Argentina. Quaker carries both Skin on and Skinless whiting. Each box is 40 pounds and each layer is separated by film. This is called Shatterpacked. Skin on and Skinless are always in separate boxes. The whiting comes sized 2/4 ounce, 4/6 ounce, 6/8 ounce and 8/up oz. This product is known as PBI, meaning pin bone in. They are small bones at the top of the fillet. Generally speaking, these bones cook out when frying.

Retail ready whiting fillets comes in 2 pound and 5 pound bags. This comes from Ecuador, Peru, China or Chile. Current stock is from Ecuador and Chile. We carry popular brands like Wholey and Great Fish. These are supermarket staples and are a great value! Each bag is upc coded. They are normally smaller sized fillets. Some restaurants prefer this packaging and sizing. Retail bags of whiting are almost always skin on only.

Whiting can even be used as as Muslim fish hoagie!

Lastly, Quaker Valley Foods is one of the largest distributors for “Newport” brand H&G (Head off and Gutted) Whiting. This product comes from the US and Canada is caught on the West Coast. It comes in a blue and white box to help you distinguish it from other products.




Tutorial on Cooking whiting:

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