Consumers are grilling now more than ever; thus, Quaker Valley Foods hosted its second barbecue of the summer this afternoon, which means plenty of ” grillin’ “.  It’s always a great time to mingle with our fellow employees and to get a chance to devour some of our products, i.e. hamburgers, hot-dogs, and the refreshing variety of salads available.  Our BBQs showcase how grilling has taken over the summer meal, from your typical picnic and campsite to the backyard get together.  As a result, grilling has grown from standard cooking products such as hotdogs, hamburgers and steaks, to shrimp, salmon, peppers, and even fruit if you are feeling bold.  The possibilities are endless, which is why you should focus your attention on purchasing these versatile products from Quaker Valley Foods at an affordable price.

Why has grilling become so popular?  Here’s a stat for you; Seventy-five percent of U.S adults own a grill or smoker.  It’s clear that it’s popular, but why is grilling so widespread in the U.S?  There are three reasons.  First, consumers are grilling now more than ever to improve flavor, e.g. a sweet barbecue chicken with corn on the cob and a cold salad to complement it sounds more appealing to many than a bland cooked chicken with no zest.  Second, it correlates to the theme of summer and that is ” chillin’ “.  Grilling allows friends and family to socialize and enjoy summer’s most iconic dishes.  Finally, many people want to grill simply because they love it!  The host that is grilling these dishes captures the full sense experience from the smell of the grill, to the proper skill needed to master temperature control, to the jaw-dropping sizzle that comes from the product.

Grilling, specifically for barbecues, has become the new norm of the summer for traditional dishes or for a unique twist such as grilled fruit kabobs or barbecued shrimp.  You don’t want to miss out on this great time of the year to showcase your grilling and barbecue skills to your friends, family, or even just for your own entertainment.  These recipes and more can be found at  Lucky for you, Quaker Valley Foods can provide you with the necessary products from our beef, chicken, deli, and seafood product categories. Check out our website or give us a call to see what we have to offer!

Sesame Grilled Salmon

Grilled Shrimp