Tuesday, June 4th, is National Cheese Day. Although the origin of this celebration could not be determined, it is a day we are proud to celebrate, just the same. Cheese is defined as “coagulated milk.” Although that doesn’t sound particularly appetizing, cheese in its many forms is enjoyed by virtually everyone around the world. The manufacture of cheese can be traced back nearly 4,000 years. There is an ancient legend which gives credit to the origin of cheese manufacture to an Arab merchant who attempted to transfer milk across the desert in a pouch made from a sheep’s stomach. The heat from the sun coagulated the milk. At the end of the day, the merchant found that the whey from the milk satisfied his thirst, while the curds (the cheese) satisfied his hunger.

Cheese, as we know it today, comes in a very wide variety. Although there are far too many cheeses to list here, any cheese monger (one who sells cheese) would be glad to offer a sample of the significant amount of product he is sure to have in stock.

Quaker Valley Foods offers a variety of cheeses that are specific to delicatessens. Although cheese is often enjoyed alone, we offer cheeses that make any sandwich, whether it is a steak sandwich or a ham sandwich, so much better. Get in touch with our sales office and ask about the cheddar, pepper jack, Monterey Jack, muenster, parmesan, cream cheese, Romano, and so much more, that we have to offer.