This Monday is National Brisket Day! There are various cooking styles and methods which people use to prepare brisket; it all depends on the area of the United States where it is being prepared. The most popular style of cooking brisket is Texas style, which consists of smoking brisket over pecan or oak wood, adding only salt and pepper. Texas style does not cook brisket with much added seasoning because what makes their style stand out is the rich smoke and bark flavor. The people of North Carolina also offer great BBQ and prepare their brisket differently. Carolina BBQ is all about adding moisture to the meat. Essential ingredients are vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and ketchup-based sauces. Other areas of the U.S. implement local flavors and styles to brisket preparation. For instance, in Kansas, they cook their brisket over wood, but then add a sweet tomato-based sauce. Memphis’ BBQ style calls for more seasoning to spice up the flavor. Also tomato-based, the sauce used for Memphis BBQ is less sweet and more tangy, as they add vinegar, paprika, garlic, and other spices.

So, in honor of this great BBQ-food lovers’ day, Quaker Valley Foods encourages you to try one of these cooking styles on the amazing briskets we offer in our catalog. Take a look at our catalog by going to our What We Sell page.


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