Yesterday, June 18th was National Sushi Day.  You may be asking what sushi is.  Many people think they know what sushi is but there is a common misconception that sushi is always raw fish.  While that may seem true, it turns out that raw fish happens to be the most popular ingredient in sushi.  Sushi involves foods that use a type of rice seasoned with vinegar.  The concept of sushi was most likely introduced to Japan in the 9th century, with the Japanese being accredited with first preparing sushi as an entire dish.  The key for the growth of sushi, especially in the United States was the advancement in refrigeration, allowing for fresh fish to be transported over long distances.  Because of this, the demand rose with an already booming economy from the post-war.  There were plenty of suppliers to distribute sushi globally.  For these reasons, sushi was on the verge for major success.

Now, the first city in the United States to initiate sushi was Los Angeles.  In 1966, Noritoshi Kanai and his partner opened “Kawafuku Restaurant” in Little Tokyo.  Since sushi originated in Japan, there was no shock that the Japanese were interested in sushi progressing into the U.S.  They pushed the idea of sushi to Americans and had the idea of a restaurant in Hollywood that would serve celebrities.  This was all the attention that sushi needed for a final push into the American market.  There’s no doubt that sushi has and continues to evolve, allowing for new customer experiences.

Variety is key for food products and sushi certainly fits that category.  There are five main types of sushi that will distinguish what type you may be interested in or which category you fall under.  These five include: nigiri, sashimi, maki, uramaki, and temaki.  Nigiri is a topping served on top of sushi rice.  Sashimi is similar to nigiri with the exception of no sushi rice.  Maki is rice and any other filling wrapped in seaweed.  This is your typical perception of sushi rolls. Uramaki compares to maki but the rice is on the outside.  Finally, temaki is sushi that has been hand rolled into a cone like shape.  There are many types of sushi such as: avocado, tuna, salmon, shrimp, cucumber and more.

Sushi is a unique food product in that its demand is all year round. You will find plenty of sushi bars or restaurants at your disposal.  You can even try to make your own sushi rolls if your bold! If you are looking to try sushi for the first time or just want a new experience, check out a few of the recipes listed below.  Just click on the image and be directed to for these recipes and much more.  Remember, Quaker Valley Foods offers seafood, shrimp, deli items, and much more that will help create a wonderful sushi dish!  Give us a call or check out our website to see all we have to offer you and your family.

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