September is National Italian Cheese Month! With over 450 varieties of Italian Cheese, there is sure to be a cheese to satisfy everyone. The history of Italian Cheese dates to the Roman Empire, where many families had a special kitchen designated exclusively for making, aging and storing cheese. Romans were so passionate about not only creating cheese, but also sharing it. This led to a rapid spread of popularity towards their cheeses that would introduce the love of cheese-making to other European countries. Italian Cheeses appear in so many of our favorite dishes such as pizza, ravioli, lasagna, cannoli and so much more. For some of the best recipes using Italian Cheese, visit If you are in need of some delicious Italian Cheese, Quaker Valley Foods has plenty to offer!

To learn more, reach out to your Quaker Valley Food’s Sales Representative. A full listing of cheese products can be found on our website under ‘What We Sell’ where our product catalog is available.


Italian Cheese Month

Italian Cheese

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