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A Full Range of Choice, Select & No Roll Beef

Quaker Valley Foods in Philadelphia knows quality beef at a great price is the highest priority for our customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

We have a full range of choice, select and no-roll beef, including rounds, loins, chucks, ribs, and ground beef, as well as an extensive variety of fresh and frozen offal. Our complete selection of major primal and sub-primal cuts means our retail and foodservice clients can quickly access the products they need. Key product suppliers include Tyson IBP, National, Cargill, American, JBS Packerland, Creekstone Farms, SuKarne and more. A complete line of Halal products is readily available as well. As a distributor of chilled and frozen imported beef, we offer products from Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America. Chilled products include cap off insides, rump caps, and flap meat. Frozen products include steer knuckles, rib eye rolls, flap meat, flank steaks, bull meat, cow fores, cow and ox tails. Our Australian suppliers include Teys Australia, JBS Swift and AMH. From New Zealand we offer Riverland and from Central America San Martin, Nirea, Tacuarembo and others.


A Complete Line of Fresh & Frozen Chicken & Turkey

Quaker Valley Foods offers its customers a complete line of quality fresh and frozen chicken and turkey products at the most competitive prices. Located in Philadelphia, our selection of products includes fresh and frozen whole chickens, bone-in and boneless breasts, bone-in and boneless thighs, wings, party wings, legs, and a variety of chicken parts. Major chicken suppliers include: House of Raeford, Mountaire, Perdue, Allen, Sanderson, and Pilgrim’s. Beyond chicken, Quaker Valley also offers whole turkeys and turkey parts, ducks in a variety of sizes, quail, and Cornish hens. Packers such as Cargill, Norbest, Jurgielewicz, Crescent, Culver and Maple Leaf provide us with the best products to meet your needs. Halal chickens and turkeys are available as well. Quaker Valley also has a complete line of turkey parts: fresh, frozen and smoked.



Quality Pork Products at the Most Competitive Prices

Quaker Valley Foods in Philadelphia provides a full line of quality pork products including bone-in and boneless pork loins, spare ribs, back ribs and St. Louis ribs to its customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Other whole muscle cuts include bone-in and boneless butts and picnics, hams and pork tenders. Quaker also offers a variety of salted and smoked fresh and frozen cuts as well as an extensive selection of offal items. Our packers include (but are not limited to): Smithfield, Indiana, Farmland, Seaboard, Daisyfield, and Hatfield.

Philadelphia Distributor of a Complete Line of Wholesale & Retail Seafood

When it comes to wholesale and retail seafoodQuaker Valley Foods in Philadelphia offers the quality and variety that customers want more than anything. We are your one stop, large or small, for a variety of frozen seafood to compliment your other meat and poultry needs. Superior suppliers such as Wholey, Newport, Fox River and Schooner allow us to offer a wide array of fish and shellfish. Our full range of shellfish includes a variety of shrimp (raw, cooked, peeled and unpeeled), snow crab, mussels and clams. We also stock a wide selection of fish, including salmon, flounder, cod, kingfish, sea trout, whiting, croaker, catfish, bacalao and porgy. For those seeking prepared products, we carry breaded stuffed clams, coconut shrimp, pollock, flounder and breaded fish cakes, sticks, and portions.

Quaker Valley Foods in Philadelphia Distributes an Extensive Range of Quality Deli Cheeses & Meats

No other distributor in the area has the depth or breadth of quality deli items that Quaker Valley Foods has to offer.

Quaker Valley Foods has an extensive range of cheeses and deli meats. Look for Quaker Valley Foods’ own Main Street American Cheese to provide the finest quality and value in the marketplace. Quaker also offers a complete line of national brands in categories such as cheeses, meats, condiments, burgers, breaded chicken, french fries, oils and dressings, and much more. Key suppliers that Quaker partners with include Hormel, Tyson, Land O’ Lakes, Butterball and Schreiber, to name just a few. Our extensive offerings ensure that we can meet all of your retail or foodservice deli item needs in a single delivery.

Philadelphia’s Quaker Valley Foods is Your Distributor for Frozen Lamb, Goat & Mutton in the Mid-Atlantic

Quaker Valley Foods is the largest wholesaler on the East Coast for frozen, lamb, goat and mutton. Whole lambs as well as choice lamb cuts such as racks, shoulders, loins, bone-in and boneless legs are always in stock. A similar variety of mutton, including bone-in and boneless legs, 6-piece mutton, shoulders, and shanks are also available. Quaker Valley carries a wide variety of goat products, including 6-piece goats, skin on and skin off goat cubes, skin on and skin off whole goat carcasses, burnt goat heads and scalded goat feet. Many of these products are certified Halal. All of our products are of prime quality and packed by well-known suppliers, such as JBS Swift, Fletcher, Alliance, and Western & McPhee.

For Tremendous Quality & Competitive Pricing, Consider Quaker Valley’s Private Label Lines

Quaker Valley Foods is pleased to showcase our private label brands as a competitive alternative to national name brands. Quaker offers several private label lines, including Main Street, Q, LEN-NOR and Rialto labels providing tremendous quality and competitive pricing. The brands contain fresh and frozen product lines including a variety of cheeses and meats, salads, foodservice bacon, hamburgers, chicken wings and hors d’oeuvre items.